The Village News is moving to a subscription service.

From January 2022 an annual subscription to have the magazine delivered to your door each month costs £6, saving more than 16% for subscribers over the cover price of 60p a copy.


Village News subscriptions can now be paid via bank transfer. We will no longer expect our distributors to collect cash from subscribers. (If you are a subscriber who is not able to pay online, please speak to your distributor about an alternative way to pay to ensure you continue to receive Village News each month.)

In order to have Village News delivered to you from January 2022, you will need to register by sending an email to by 26 November at the latest. Please include your first and last name and your address.

Once you have registered, you will receive a reminder by email with details of how to pay. (If you are unable to register by email, you can do this by letting your distributor know that you want to pay an annual subscription and arranging how they will collect it.)

You need to pay by 30 November to ensure you receive a copy of the January edition of the magazine.


In order to operate this system, we will need to know your preferred email address. This information will be kept on a database, which will be used only for communicating with you about your subscription and for no other purpose. The information will be held by the subscription secretary and will not be shared with other members of the Editorial Committee. We will never give your email address to another business or third party.

ANY QUESTIONS? - Contact the Editorial Committee:

As of October 2021 the Covid situation is generally improving, but the following information may still be useful, especially with Winter coming on.


The Aneurin Bevan Health Board produces a weekly newsletter to keep us up to date with what is happening with the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

You can view or download the latest newsletter here:

And the latest ABUHB news and updates are on social media here: FACEBOOK/AneurinBevanHealthBoard TWITTER/AneurinBevanUHB

Public Health Wales publish daily vaccination figures on their website:!/vizhome/RapidCOVID-19virology-Public/Headlinesummary

For further information and FAQs on the delivery, eligibility and safety of the vaccine, please visit:

Appointments The ABHB have issued this plea:

If you receive an appointment, please do everything you can to attend as we are vaccinating thousands of people every week. Vaccine supplies are limited, the supply of the frozen vaccine, Pfizer is more certain but we can only offer that in our larger vaccination centres at the moment.

If your circumstances mean that you can get to a vaccination centre, we ask you to do everything you can to make it as we will not be able to offer an alternative except for those people who are housebound. By offering the vaccine through GP practices and across our Health Board area we are doing our utmost to reduce travel time and we appreciate everyone attending their appointment.

Because many people could not access the online editions last year, the committee has decided that there will be no charge for any of the 2021 magazines.