Guidelines for submitting contributions

We welcome contributions from individuals, local societies and organisations. You can send articles of local, specialist or topical interest, letters, news items and notices of forthcoming events.

The deadline for contributions to the magazine is usually noon on the third Tuesday of each month, for inclusion in the following month's edition unless otherwise stated in the previous month's magazine.

PLEASE NOTE: The above deadline is fine for normal editorial pieces, letters, news and activities, etc. But if you are sending in EVENT ADS that require a display box, images and layout, which take longer to create than normal text, then please submit your copy at the latest on the Friday BEFORE the normal deadline (which is always a Tuesday), preferably sooner. This allows time to check any details with you and make any changes needed, which is not possible after the main deadline.

All contributions should be sent to:

Contributions will be acknowledged with an auto response, confirming receipt.

The editorial committee reviews all contributions before publication and reserves the right to amend, edit or refuse any article submitted.

TECHNICAL NOTES: the main monthly magazine is printed in greyscale, there is no colour, but you can submit colour photographs and artwork and, we will convert them.